Woodland Parties

The Wolf Pack hosts children’s parties in the fantastic Pen Hill Wood setting on weekends and summer evenings. We will cater to your child’s tastes; we can offer a whole host of activities and games or simply keep the children safe while they play and explore in the woods. Finish off the session with a campfire cookout, where the children (and well-behaved adults) will all get to toast their own marshmallows to make smores.


Parties cost £12 per child with a minimum spend of £180 and up to a maximum of 20 children. The price includes two Forest School qualified adults, lunch/dinner (hot dogs or similar), s'mores and drinks (hot chocolate/squash). Tea and coffee is also provided for adults.


“The party was everything we wanted and expected it to be and more. The setting was amazing and designed really well. The minute the children entered into the woods you could see their faces light up.The party was organised well and timings of games vs food was perfect. A real treat was sitting around the campfire, eating hot dogs and toasting their own marshmallows. We had a really good mix of girls and boys and all of them thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It was great to see children who were a little apprehensive at first really grow in confidence and enjoy their outdoor party experience. I think the fact that the children did not want to go home at the end of the party was testament to how much fun they were having. I would not hesitate at all to recommend a Wolf Pack Party.” Sarah & David (parents of Maxim, 5).